Fly Into the New Year with a Beginners Aerial Yoga Workshop SATURDAY 12TH JANUARY 2019

  • Relieve Back Pain (Gain Better Spinal Health!)
  • Increase Flexibility
  • Build a Strong Core
  • Improve Body Strength & Balance
This beginners workshop will be both a fun and relaxing experience here to help new students familiarise themselves with this unique form of yoga and its equipment in a safe environment.  A lot of emphasis will be put on mobility work that is very close to the floor (below knee height) and learning how to master the basic techniques and poses near close to the ground, some of which you will have the option of adapting and re-deploying when things are taken slightly higher (no more than hip height) for a section of the workshop.
You will learn that Aerial Yoga also known as Yoga Trapeze is NOT about fancy circus like poses and is suitable and accessible to a range of ages and body types.  During the workshop you may also start to feel its benefits and how good certain poses feel within your body straight especially in the joints and in the muscles.  Aerial Yoga is particularly good for students with muscle tension, back pain, poor flexibility and weak a core.  It offers a remarkable way to experience a real positive transformation as well as improving joint mobility & circulation.  Aerial Yoga adds in that missing “pull” motion lacking in mat-based practice and is a useful tool for obtaining correct alignment in poses, functional strength and better balance. 
The workshop is strictly limited to 8 spaces and an additional teaching assistant will also be present.
Date: Saturday 12th January 2019
Time: 2:30 to 4:30pm
Venue: Wellbeing 95, 95 Streatham Hill, London, SW2 4UD
Price: £35
Instructor: Marc Cross – Aerial Yoga Instructor at Wellbeing95
Teaching Assistant: Lucy Churchill – Yoga Alliance Certified Aerial Yoga Teacher
Any questions please contact:

Yin Yoga Workshop @ Wellbeing95  Saturday 19th January 2019

Yin Yoga works on the physical, energetic and emotional layers of the body leaving you calm and deeply relaxed . Join Lucinda for a 2hr guided Yin Workshop to free your fascia and release deep tension in the body.

We will use long slow Yin poses to work deep into your myofascial tissue, promoting flexibility and freedom from both tension and thoughts. This release creates space physically in the connective tissue, energetically in the body’s meridians and helps us to let go of stored emotions.

Suitable for all, no previous yoga experience necessary.
For queries please contact:

Suitable for all.

Any questions please contact me on

Date: Saturday 19th January 2019
Time: 3.00 to 5.00pm
Venue: Wellbeing95, 95 Streatham Hill London SW2 4UD
Tickets: £25

Instructor: Lucinda Goodman – Instructor at Wellbeing95

Mini Yoga Retreat with Carla @ Wellbeing95 Saturday 26th January 2019

The act of withdrawing into safety. A place where you can seclude yourself and put aside your daily duties. A private refuge of discovery and connection. Sound good? Join me for a two hour escape where you will have the opportunity to ground your body, still your mind and reconnect to yourself.

Carla has been a freelance yoga teacher in London just just over six years. The success of her first yoga retreat in France made her want to give people more chances to rest and replenish for a longer time period than a regular yoga class.

Treat yourself to this sacred time for yourself. Carla hopes to make this a monthly occurrence with a different theme each time so you walk away feeling rested, rejuvenated and having potentially learnt something new too!

Suitable for all.

Any questions please contact me on

Date: Saturday 26th January 2019
Time: 2.30 to 4.30pm
Venue: Wellbeing95, 95 Streatham Hill London SW2 4UD
Tickets: £20

Instructor: Carla Turner – Instructor at Wellbeing95

Foundations of Postures with Stéphane Kouamé saturday 2nd february

Date: Saturday 2nd February 2019
2pm to 4pm
Price: £22

If you have recently started yoga, or if you have been practicing for a while but want to refresh the way you look at your practice, this may be a good opportunity for you. This workshop is ideal for beginners and all those who want to consolidate their postural practice by better understanding the key elements between the uniqueness of your body and the postures.
This is an exploration of principles that can be applied to any pose, any style of yoga…

Workshop Content & Objectives: Interactive and practical in its setting, this workshop aims at giving you:

 A better understanding of the poses in regard to your anatomy;
 Tips for the practitioner to self adjust;
 Elements from yogic philosophy that relate to how to approach the poses (yoga sutras, Bandhas, Breath, Drishti)…;
 Good practice to avoid injuries;
 Q&A as we move along the workshop;
 Group interaction, which brings fun and enhances learning.