Our passion is to share the benefits of Yoga. To make it accessible for everyone, we provide a range of classes suitable to men and women, pregnant women, young and older members of the community, from beginners to more experienced practitioners.

Power Yoga

Known for being physically engaging, this practice encourages conscious breathing and mindfulness too. Power Yoga is for those who want to supercharge their energy levels.

Vinyasa Flow

The poses are sequenced in a thoughtful and creative order. Recommended for students who have been practicing yoga for at least 6 months.

Dynamic Flow

By it’s namesake, this class offers a dynamic and flowing style of Yoga, with a sequence of postures synchronised with the breath.

Yoga’s Got Fit

This class is recommended for students who can handle more complex work by balancing strength and range of motion.


Recommended for students who want a slower paced, stretching and breathing-focused class.

Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga: Suitable for all expectant mothers. This class allows the mother to relax and connect with her body and her baby.

Aerial Yoga

Also called “Anti-Gravity Yoga”, this class features traditional yoga with postures suspended in soft fabric hammocks. With the help of gravity through the hammocks, students can explore floating, fluid movements and create space in their bodies without compressing their joints and spine.


Pilates focuses on strengthening the core muscles to give better support to the spine and to create a foundation for aligning, balancing, conditioning and toning the whole body. This class will improve your flexibility, strength, body control and overall endurance.


We experienced teaches and offer classes for varying experience levels.


This practice incorporates the precision of Pilates, the technique of ballet, the alignment of yoga and the strength from sports conditioning. The combined elements of these practices form a challenging and exciting workout that stretches and sculpts the muscles.