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The Fitness studio located in Streatham Hill. We provide classes in a number of different styles of Yoga – View Yoga Classes

We also provide instructor-led classes for Pilates, Barre Concept, Legs Bums and Tums, Yin Yang Sound Meditation, Spin and Zumba.

There are styles and fitness classes for everyone’s needs. Beginners and professionals alike.

We believe that regular exercise improves both the mind and body and helps us make better decisions in life.

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WellBeing95 Yoga Studio_TrianglePose

Triangle Pose

WellBeing95 Yoga Studio StretchingPose Yoga

Stretching Pose

WellBeing95 Yoga Studio_HalfMoon Pose

Half Moon Pose

WellBeing95 Yoga Studio_WarriorPoseYoga

Warrior Pose

WellBeing95 Yoga Studio_TreePose_Yoga

Tree Pose

WellBeing95 Yoga Studio_TreePose_YogaTree

Tree Pose

WellBeing95 Yoga Studio_DownDogPose

Down Dog Pose

WellBeing95 Yoga Studio_WellBeing95

Dancer Pose

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